Point of Sales Software

SalesMate +: Point Of Sales Software

Manage the day-to-day activities of your Sales at your fingertips using our new generation software Salesmate +, an ultimate, general purpose inexpensive Point Of Sale Software. This Point of Sale package is designed specially for independent, single-store retailers / wholesale shops.

This easy to use POS software enables you to:

Configure the system using the powerful easy to use Setup wizards
 Automates sales transaction processing and service transaction start-to-finish.
Streamline inventory management and reporting.
 Track customer information and maintain detailed customer histories.
 Generate reports at the click of a mouse button.
Track accounts and generate sales tax and other related information for VAT e–Filing. *
Seamlessly integrate the POS hardware to the system.
Automatically take the backup of the data.
Customize the Screen and Keyboard shortcuts to suit your needs.
Extend SalesMate + features using various in house and third party Plugins.

And above all

» SalesMate + Starter Edition is Free.
» We charge only for Support and advanced versions of this software.


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