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Have you ever searched for a handy backup tool, that is simple to use yet very powerful and free of cost?

You came to the right place…

We have Mr. Backup, the backup utility module of PC Utility Manager for you..

Mr.Backup is a free backup utility tool, which will enable you to automatically backup your files and folders to another drive in the same computer or to a drive in the local windows network. The drive includes removable drives such as pen drive, removable hard disk, mapped network drive etc.


Mr. Backup Main Screen


                               Fig1. Main Mr.Backup Screen



Figure 1 displays the basic Mr. Backup screen. It is very simple to operate. Add your source folders and set the destination folder to  backup. Configure Mr.Backup automatic backup settings preferences (+) and click on “Backup Now” button. It will start backing up all your files and folders. It’s as simple as that.


Mr. Backup Settings



Mr. Backup Settings  

             Figure 2 Mr. Backup with Default settings Unchecked



Mr. Backup Settings


Figure 3 Mr. Backup with Default settings Option Checked


The various settings options of Mr. Backup are discussed below.


Source Folder settings


This option is for setting the source folder. Select single folder if you want to backup only a single folder. Select multiple folders if you want to backup multiple folders. Then add the folders to the list to be backed up.


Destination Folder Settings


Set the destination folder to which you need to back up the files. You can use the browse button to set the destination folder. Alternatively you can directly type the destination path details if needed. Destination folder can be anywhere other than your source folder paths.


Backup Now


Click the Backup Now button to start or stop backing up your files and folders.

Default Settings


Default settings options enable you to configure Mr. Backup settings suitable to your requirements.  The description about each option are given below.


Load Mr.Backup application on System startup: If this option is checked , then the application will automatically start when you login to the windows operating system.


Log Events: If this option is checked, then the system will automatically log errors to the file. You can view the logs by clicking on the view logs button.


Automatically Backup Files and Folders when application starts: If this option is checked, then the application will automatically backs up files and folder when you start the Mr. Backup application. Please not that if you checked this option, then irrespective whether you already backed up the files or folders, it will again start backing up the files and folders from the beginning.


Automatically Backup New Files: If this option is checked , it will automatically back up new or changed files and folders. This option is very useful, if you want to continuously monitor and backup files and folders in the source folder, once a back is done with the existing source files and folders. Please not that if this option is checked, if the destination drive is not present, the system will automatically log the source file details to save to the destination folder , the next time application starts.


Encrypt Destination Files with key: This option will automatically encrypt the destination files with the specified key. You can decrypt the files in the destination folder by clicking on the decrypt destination files button. Please note that encrypting and decrypting files will take a lot of time, so the backing up of files will be slow. Unless it is really needed, please don’t turn on this option.


Prompt Mr.Backup Exit with password: If this option is checked, the Mr Backup will ask for the password before the application quits. This is to avoid accidental termination of Mr. Backup by the user.


Delete Destination Files and Folder that are not in source folder: If this option is checked, it will automatically delete, the destination files and folders if the corresponding source files and folders are removed. Unless it is really needed, please don’t turn on this option. This option will be useful in cases where we accidentally delete source files and folders and if the option is not checked the files and folders will be there in the destination folder. 


How to Configure Mr. Backup for Automatic Backup


Automatic Backup is one of the most useful configurations of Mr. Backup. To configure for automatic backup, set the Mr. Backup settings as shown in Figure 3. That is, add the source folders, set the destination folder, set the default settings and click on the “Backup Now” button. Once all the files are backed up, it will automatically monitor for the new and modified files and will copy automatically to the destination folder. Please note that if “Multiple Folders” options are selected, then the system will store the contents in the format “Drive Name\Folder Path\” in the destination folder.



Mr. Backup Configuration Settings

 Figure3 Mr. Backup with configuration settings




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