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Make your dream web site a reality using our new generation Web package “Website Template”, an ultimate, general purpose inexpensive, Dynamic Professional Website Design Template, suitable for any organization / business / personal use.

This easy to use Website Template enables you to:

  • Configure and run the website within minutes.
  • Configure the Header and Footer easily from the web admin panel.
  • Add any number of pages dynamically without any prior HTML knowledge.
  • Manage different web page layouts and themes easily using style sheets.
  • Add menus dynamically and link page from the web admin panel.
  • Administer the site yourself using our easy to use web admin control panel.
  • Modify and secure the contents in the site using the powerful user security settings.
  • Send E–Mails notifications to the selected / registered / other users in the web site.
  • Configure the Left and Right panes easily from the web admin panel.
  • Easily upload and configure images and other documents in the web site.
  • Extend Website Template features using various in house and third party Add-ons. 

And above all

  • Website Template is Free for non-commercial use.
  • We charge only for Support and Commercial versions of this software.

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