Campus Automation Software

CampusMate + is a set of Software Packages used to automate and integrate the core functionality of any educational institution. It facilitates the flow of information among the different functions of an institution, while also permitting information sharing across organizational units and geographical locations. It helps to make the work less tedious and more efficient. It also makes the repetitive tasks error free and enables the employees to focus more on the day-to-day academic and administrative activities of the college.

User aspects of CampusMate +

Configure the system using the powerful easy to use Setup wizards. Streamline all the activities of the college and reporting. Store and retrieve all the relevant data related to student and staff. Generate various types of reports / custom reports at the click of a mouse button.

Engineering aspects of CampusMate +

Designed from Ground up using proven Software Product Engineering Practices. Truly Extensible Architecture based on Plug-in Frameworks. Developed using World class Tools & Technologies like VC++, C#.NET, COM, SQL Server, ASP.NET etc.

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